Radiators & A/C

Your cars cooling system is a critical component of your engine. It maintains the metal engine parts operating the temperature range, as well as providing heat for certain parts such as the heated intake manifolds and heater cores. These components warm the passenger compartment.

Due to the high operational pressures of hot anti-freeze liquids, it is necessary to maintain proper coolant system integrity checks of the hoses and clamps as well as the radiator itself.

Vehicle air conditioning can seem like a small issue when the weather is mild and driving with your windows down is enjoyable. But when the temperatures in Louisiana begin to rise, that quickly becomes uncomfortable. Any part of the auto air conditioner system can be the problem when it is not functioning properly, and it may therefore be necessary to call in the professionals at Ace Automotive Repair & Towing who are trained in repairing vehicle AC & Heating systems.

At Ace Automotive Repair & Towing, we have been working on all makes and models for over 17 years. We specialize in the radiator repair and maintenance of the following automobile AC systems: Ford AC Repair, Chevy AC Repair, GM AC Repair, Toyota AC Repair, Honda AC Repair, BMW AC Repair, Mercedes AC Repair and all other Import AC cooling systems. The cost of repairing your air-conditioner is much more affordable than you think and with a Cooling System Check Up, you can save yourself a large AC repair bill down the road. You will be more comfortable driving with the windows up in the dead heat of summer.

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Ace Automotive Repair & Towing

Ace Automotive Repair & Towing